Moja żona nie jest zazdrosna – mówi David

żródło : Dziennik Bałtycki

Interview with David Miller. By Jarosław Galewski in Dziennik Bałtycki 13.03.2013
J.G.: Since the time we met – your last concert in Łódż, you’ve been much more popular in Poland. Congratulations.
D.M.: How is about?
J.G.: The first concert in Poland was observed by 4000. Now, it will be at last twice as much in Ergo Arena. Your albums are sold much more better. You are not faceless in Poland.
D.M.: The first visit in Poland was uncanny for us. We were smitten by the people’s reaction. Then everybody had a kind of imagine of us and expected something defined. It is he same when we visit a new place. Next , the audience, which was delighted listening to our music, came to our concerts with their friends, fellows. Now we start the next tour with Katherine Jenkins, she has a really marvelous voice.
J.G.: Katherine Jenkins is also an interesting offer for the male part of the audience. Your concerts gather passionate Il Divo fans – women. What about your partners? How do they feel spotting these women admiring your men?
D.M.: Good question! I can speak myself and my wife. I feel much more stronger. It is normal when music reaches up a high level and can tug at people’s heartstrings, mind in a such beautiful way. It is as clear as daylight , the more fans accepting the more energy and power you have. And my wife? She is not jealous. She understands people emotions, reaction showing in different way. It is beautiful that we can sink in many fans.
J.G.: Your wife is half- Polish. I can’t ask if Polish women are the most beautiful because you haven’t got a choice and you must say – yes?
D.M.: Exactly! I can’t answer in a different way. As to my wife’s descent that is true. My wife is Polish on her mother side. We met ten years ago and it wasn’t in Poland. We were singing in an opera on Broadway. It was before Il Divo started. We fall in love, it was romantic.
J.G.: Il Divo has elaborated the huge popularity for the last 10 years but there are also places you are not known. It was in Poland not a long ago and it was changed. In a one word, you know what to do for the next 10 years.
D.M.:It would be the great bonus to be popular all over the world. On the other side the popularity has never been our main priority. We want to create beautiful music and each of us will be proud of it. It wasn’t easy to put everything together because we like and have a different type of music. F.ex. – my album would be other from Urs’. We always must work over and think what will be the best for an album. Our company also help us , suggesting the best sound, the effect. Looking for the best artistic point of view is a hard task but I hope we do it quite good. On the other side we observe the result of this process – if we do the best our popularity is higher. We weren’t in many places and we are not recognised enough, also our albums weren’t promoted. Our live concerts change a lot, the TV shows, in the sport halls . Our music has got a different value when you listen to and watch the live concerts.
J.G.: Il Divo is a classical music…?
D.M.: Something between. We use classical techniques but it is not the stricte classical music. We step out of line and it changes the reception of classical music people listen to everyday. Someone says it is not easy to understand the classic and you must be patient to stay full concert. Our music is the another.
J.G.: What about these calling you boysband?
D.M.: I’m too old to be a boy! It is agreed as to our band but one is different. In boysband groups one or two are the leading voices and the rest is a choir, mixed and you can’t recognise voices. Last I watched clips „One Direction” on MTV. I saw many faces on the screen but it could be a problem to tell about differences between voices. Pop music hasn’t got the variety of voice because it is based on the based rules. We use different techniques. If you know Il Divo you haven;t got problem and you know when Urs sings or David. There is no change to make a mistake and I think it is our definition.


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