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In Rock Magazine Japan, Il Divo & Katherine Jenkins Review (Scans & Translation)

Thanks to Tamaki Iizuka, here are the scans and English translation of the review in the Japanese Magazine In Rock of the London O2 concert April 19th.
See larger versions of the scans in this Gallery album.
English translation:
This is the biggest show that IL DIVO ever had in the UK.
It is a collaboration with the Welsh Katherine Jenkins. Even though the venue was large, they had good communication with fans as usual. However, the audience could not shake hands with them because of the distance to the stage.
David said, It was difficult to make up a set list and choose the songs. Sebastien said,  he wanted to dedicate “MAMA” to his wife and family.
“Regresa a mi” and “La vida sin amore” brought a Spanish mood.
Dueting with Katherine was wonderfully dramatic, the female voice had good chemistry with them. Because Katherine has a classical voice like them. The most powerful voice was Carlos’, and he charmed the women. “All By Myself” and “Without You” were dedicated to Monique, who has died recently, and who was a close friend of Urs [sic].
Anyway, everyone in the audience was satisfied with the show tonight.
Note (admin): Monique was related to Sebastien.

żródło: http://www.ildivofans.net/content/rock-magazine-japan-il-divo-katherine-jenkins-review-scans-translation


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