“Concert International Quartet Il Divo”, gazeta.ua

IL DIVO – international quartet pop artists with conservatoire training and operatic voices, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most commercially successful international pop project. Four virtuoso singers with good looks fabulous princes – David Miller – tenor from the U.S., Sebastien Izambard – originally from France, Urs Buhler – tenor from Switzerland, Carlos Marin – baritone from Spain – will perform their interpretation of the famous landmark classic hits to the accompaniment of a full symphony orchestra, the light effects and video images in Armani suits.


The brilliant Italian designer – Sponsor quartet Il Divo. Say more, fans from around the world claim that they do not even need to sing … just enough to appear on stage and these four handsome men can easily attract the maximum number of female attention! Their concerts are coming very beautiful, well-groomed women in their best dresses and the most luxurious jewelry, accompanied by successful and confident men …


About the musicians say, “We – a luxury item.”


The quartet IL DIVO – one of the most vibrant and fresh phenomena in popular music of recent years. Recently, they have been called artists decades “The Classic BRIT Awards 2011”. During the existence of the composition “IL DIVO” remains unchanged. All participants are so different in their own way talented and original, which together form a complete harmony and the ideal of the modern group. Proving that the borders – no barrier to romance and eternal themes, IL DIVO tour turned into a global phenomenon.


The team has sold over 27 million albums and created his own genre of music. “IL DIVO” – the owners of more than 150 gold and platinum awards in 33 countries.

June 13 is the only concert of international quartet IL DIVO, United Kingdom with the program “The Greatest Hits” LP on stage “Ukraine”.


żródło: http://gazeta.ua/ru/affiche/show/371?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


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