“Il Divo in Kiev want Thai food and the girl-masseuse”,

“Il Divo in Kiev want Thai food and the girl-masseuse”, vesti.ua

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The famous quartet will perform in Ukraine on Thursday. June 13 at the Palace “Ukraine” will address the quartet IL DIVO. They will visit Kiev for the first time with the program “The Greatest Hits”. IL DIVO – international quartet pop artists with conservatoire training and operatic voices, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most commercially successful international pop project. David Miller from the U.S., Sebastien Izambard from France, Urs Buhler from Switzerland and Carlos Marin from Spain will perform classical interpretations of famous hits to the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra and lighting effects. The quartet recorded a duet with Celine Dion and Toni Braxton (which performed the official anthem of the World Cup in 2006), took part in the North American tour of Barbra Streisand as special guests. IL DIVO played the ball on the occasion of the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009, and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle in 2012. “News” found out what the requirements musicians presented their concert organizers in Ukraine. On stage with the singers in the band released 25 people. In the dressing room of artists should be a microwave, a large color TV with the connected cable TV and DVD-player, audio-Hi-Fi system with CD player, and a connector for an Ipod. Also in the day of the show artists may need a masseuse, owning a deep tissue massage with hot oil. On the day of the show to serve breakfast for 24 persons. For breakfast, you must provide a local daily newspaper and one English-language newspaper. In the rider stipulates that the artists do not drink alcohol during breakfast and lunch. Dinner for artists should include a salad bar with fresh organic vegetables, pasta bar (fresh pasta and sauces), grilled chicken, lean sirloin steaks, Thai, Indian or Mexican dishes, white fish and salmon dishes and a rich selection fresh bread and rolls. In his dressing room artists require fresh cut flowers and mineral water at room temperature. And Il Divo in the dressing room for guests to have a bottle of red wine of the highest quality (Cabernet Sauvignon) with a corkscrew, a bottle of white wine of the highest quality (Sauvignon Blanc) and a bottle of Italian Prosecco highest quality. Hotel for artists to be only five-star, and the rooms should always be set to CD / DVD player. Soloist Il Divo Sebastien Izambard very light sleeper, so it requires a very quiet hotel, preferably on the top floor, where not even hear the traffic noise of the city.




żródło: http://vesti.ua/kultura/5428-il-divo-v-kieve-hotjat-tajskoj-edy-i-devushku-massazhistku?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


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